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Advanced Supplementary time table and fee particulars

21/05/2015 11:34
Advanced supplementary time table and fees dates along with reverification application are made...

Application for Resource persons, Hyd Dist

12/05/2015 17:15
Application form for Resource persons is made available for Govt teachers/HMs only   

Ceratin Guidelines on SA 3 to HMs

07/04/2015 21:35
Ceratin guidelines given by C & DSE on SA 3 to teachers aand HMs is made available


23/03/2015 18:02
SA III Time table for Classes I-IX is made available 

Evaluation indicators for X Class CCE pattren

13/03/2015 22:31
Evaluation indicators for all subjects of Class X are made available

Half-a-day School timings

13/03/2015 15:11
Half a day school timings proceedinds of DSE is made available

X class Annual time table March 2015

28/02/2015 16:51
X Class Annual time table March 2015 is made available

Model papers for Class X

20/02/2015 14:23
X class model papers are made available. Headmasters, Teachers and students are informed that these...

Co-Curricular components proforma and Procs for VIII & IX private candidates April 2015

08/02/2015 10:15
Co-Curricular components format and Procs for Private candidates (VIII & IX Classes) along with...

X class Pre final time table March 2015

06/02/2015 17:55
X Class Pre final time table March 2015 is made available
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